With the pandemic hitting the world so hard, the economy has experienced a downfall. The job opportunities have been reduced, and employment has been another issue for the people. It is tough to keep calm and continue the search.

But, we have something for you if you are on your job search in Odisha. We summed up some points for the enthusiasts and deserving job-seekers to help make the process easier and less stressful.

Let’s dive in & explore:

Updated resume is a must! 

Your resume speaks for you in an organisation where no one knows you. And you need to raise the volume by updating the CV regularly. Ensure that you mention all the experiences with proper joining and release dates and details, your skills and education, etc. Never dare to underestimate the value of an updated and perfect resume; it lays your first impression when you go for an interview. Sometimes the HRs don’t put effort into going through your resume, so also ensure that you keep your point clear and in a highlighted manner through your CV.

Use your network for better reach

People around are the best help. Your network can help you get the right job and reach the right company through the right platform or reference maybe. It is always a wiser option to choose your network to help you get a good job. Like many people you have in your network, the same number of possibilities and so the options are available. Count on them but you don’t need to completely depend on your network though you shouldn’t hesitate to look at them.

Add accomplishments

You put effort into achieving those goals and be proud of compiling them in your resume. The organization loves to know what efforts in your previous companies and how hard you worked to grow the same. The accomplishment section in your resume must sing the glories you have brought to the last organization by achieving the targets and covering that extra mile.  

Build portfolio

A portfolio helps you present your skills and show the work you have put in the efforts. It is always suggested to have a portfolio. May it is a freelance opportunity or a job you are searching for, a portfolio helps you put your compiled work before the one you are presenting it.

Never say no to opportunities to begin

While you continue to search for a job, remain open to all kinds of opportunities. You may look for freelance options, an internship, training to upskill yourself, or any other chance different from your niche. Say yes, it helps. Stay open to new things and opportunities to learn and unlearn as well. Keep in mind: “something is way better than nothing.

Induce experiences to your profile

Let the things get added to the list. Try to gain experiences from wherever possible. Don’t be too judgemental, and don’t settle for much less. It is always suggested to keep looking for better opportunities, but it’s not a bad idea to work with the available options.

Consider job hunting as your full-time work

If you don’t have a job now, you must consider the job search like your full-time activity. You have to be dedicated and prepared for the exact cause. You need to be determined to give your whole time to essential work.
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Personal branding is vital

Linkedin helps you with personal branding. It enables you to turn yourself into a brand. You must not forget to keep on working on your branding. It is always wiser to go on hustling in multiple ways, and personal branding is one of the most reliable options to choose for yourself and grow. You can continue your job hunt and, at the same time, put some effort into personal branding by connecting with people and building networks.

Be consistent

Consistency is the key to success. Be consistent with your job search, personal branding, and upscaling the skills. Don’t get demotivated and discouraged easily. Building an empire takes time and effort; it is not an overnight process. Trust the process and keep working for the goal. 

Be patient

There are two processes mainly: Selection and rejection. Organizations sometimes have multiple openings and need more candidates; hence, they follow the selection process that results in more candidates getting selected. Sometimes the vacancy is limited, and candidates are more in number, which results in following the rejection process, concluding in the rejection of so many candidates.

So, it is not YOU who was not eligible or qualified enough to get selected; sometimes, it is about the number of vacancies. Be patient and let the best come to you. Go on applying but also wait for the post-interview process or response.

We wish that these pointers help you in your job search and provide you with the clarity to have a productive job hunting.

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We wish you a fruitful career and a happy reading!


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